Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Seth Meyers takes on the “What Exactly is a Bitcoin” Issue

Just when you thought nobody could ever explain Bitcoin to you..

The ladies of the round kitchen table discuss the details of speculative financial markets and Bitcoin.

Seems that the round table ladies just may not have explained Bitcoin at all. The below quote if from collider as a response to the Bitcoin commercial….

If you’ve been following the news, you’ve probably read a bit about bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that’s fleecing suckers left and right (fleeced may be the wrong word for an asset up 10x in a year and 2x since October – Keep that fleecing coming!)
Although the currency may seem tempting as a way to get rich quick, it’s also incredibly confusing, based on nothing, backed up by nothing, and risky in a way that makes gambling on the stock market look sane by comparison. And yet if someone asks you, “What is bitcoin?” even that can be a little confusing.

Go Seth Meyers! I finally get the concept… no matter what collider says.  However, Collider did add some finance advise – “If you’re seriously thinking about investing, remember that low-risk, low-reward investments like index funds are .. much safer”